Burn Day is Over Back to Work: Yankees Visit Nationals

Burn Day is Over Back to Work: Yankees Visit Nationals

Burn day is over and now back to work.  The New York Yankees are coming off playing the last 9 games at home where they only loss 2 games.  The next 8 games are all on the road starting out the Washington Nationals.  The Nationals are a good team, fighting in a tight race in the National League against 9 other teams separated by 2-3 wins and losses.

The Nationals are riding a 4 game winning streak after defeating the Diamondbacks.  I was able to watch the game and I couldn’t but notice that this team can hit and hit hard they can.  They score 6 runs, 5 of those coming from 4 home runs.  The National are going through a year in which they may or may not lose their brand name player in Bryce Harper.  Every game that’s play has to be about convincing him to say or finding a replacement for him.

BB2 game winning streak (should be 3 game winning streak because when the Red Sox lose is like a win for the Yankees specially in the fight for the top of the American League) for the New York Yankees.  History was made in their last game vs Athletics after Giancarlo Stanton hit his 10th homer.  The Yankees now I have 4 players with at least 10 home runs, the Bronx is alive and living good.  Only Cleveland has hit more home runs than the Yankees, but they don’t have as many wins.

Masahiro Tanaka (**Fades** Plaka Plaka) and Gio Gonzalez will kick off the 2 game series both with a 4-2 record.  Tanaka is only 5 Strikeouts away from 50, so there should be some extra motivation to break 50 and close the gap the huge gap on Luis Severino 70 Strikeouts.  Gonzalez is a tough matchup for the Yankees, some pitchers are tougher and giving home runs than others, Gonzalez has only giving up 1.  That doesn’t mean that the Judge and the boys won’t hit, just might be a little bit harder.



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