Reaction to the “Westbrook effect”

Do you have any idea how misleading that is? First of all, Harden was traded away from Kevin Durant as well. Dion, Ibaka, Reggie Jackson went away from KD as well, let’s not ignore that. Also, OBVIOUSLY 90% of them will have better stats on their new team since their usage rate, minutes played, and role changed. Let’s not forget Durant won MVP with Russ, was a top 2 player in the world and won  SCORING TITLES in OKC, so for anyone to think Westbrook held Durant back is misinformed or just a plain hater.  Oladipo went from a 2nd option to a future legend into a 1st option so his Ppg average should increase as well as his field goal attempts.

If we want to use the logic of this so called “effect” then the Chris Paul effect is a thing then. Eric Bledsoe nearly doubled his Ppg average his first season away from the Clippers, also JJ Redick is having a career year offensively on the first year away from Clippers (and Chris Paul). Darren Collison went from 11.1 Ppg to 16.4 Ppg once he left the Clippers. Reggie Evans as a Clipper averaged about 2 Ppg and 5 Rebs a game, on his first year away from the Clippers he averaged 4.5 Ppg and 11 Rebs per game. See how easy it is to make the “Point god” look bad when showing cherry picked info? Heck we can even point out Harrison Barnes went from 11.7 Ppg to 19.2 Ppg in his first season leaving Stephen Curry. Does that mean Curry makes role players like Barnes worse? No.

I’m not saying Westbrook can turn role players to elite players but to blame Russ for those players like Reggie Jackson not putting up the same stats they did elsewhere is what Stephen A Smith would as blasphemous.



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