Toronto Raptors: Hold or Reset

Toronto Raptors: Hold or Reset

The Toronto Raptors were swept by LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  The Raptors got the number 1 seed but they didn’t have the number 1 player, *Cough Cough LeBron!  The struggle is real in Toronto, not even a week and the “rumors” of firing and changes are overwhelming, but do we expect any less? “Disappointment” is the kindest word that can be use to describe their playoff performance.

Dressing a Raptor in silk does not change the fact that is a Raptor and raptor it they did.  Lowry, Ibaka, Valanciunas and DeRozan were supposed to be the core that will dethrone King James.  Story lines from players like VanVleet and rookie OG Anunoby seem to be a lot more entertaining than the games.  Drake couldn’t save the Raptors from themselves.


So here we are now, Dwayne Casey might be out of a job and players will be (should be) making moves.  Raptors could be planning on taking the tanking road next season.  The Raptors prove to be successful in the regular season but that did not translate to the post season, when it really counted.  So what happens next??

Is simple, celebrate your small winnings and hit the reset button, reanalyze your assets and hope that LeBron James leaves for a Western Conference team.  For all the Jordan-LeBron comparison, are the Toronto Raptors the Utah Jazz in this scenario?

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