Red Sox Vs Yankees: Round 2

Red Sox Vs Yankees: Round 2

The Boston Red Sox record of 25-9 is the best in American League.  The New York Yankees are 2nd, one game behind, with a record 24-10.  Both the Red Sox and Yankees have better records than the whole National League.  In other words we are truly getting the best of baseball (at this moment) this upcoming week.

The Boston Red Sox are on a 3 game winning streak and look to continue their great start.  They were the 1st team to 20 wins and the only team still under 10 losses.  Mookie Betts is leading this team on the offense and Rick Porcello is still undefeated.  The Red Sox are making sure that their high salary expenses have been worthwhile.

The New York Yankees team motto must be “The Comeback Kids”.  And am sure that they are not complaining, because when you score at the bottom of the 8th.  Then you throw in a closing artist in Chapman it all seems like simple mathematics.  The Indians were just another victim of the Yankees last breath of fire.

Baseball doesn’t get any more exciting than 2 teams that hate each other and are also both at the very top of their game. Last game, in game 2 there was a fight that’s how heated this games get.

My Predictions 2-1.  Tanaka & Sabathia get the wins.

  • Game 1- Severino Vs Pomeranz
    • Severino only loss has come to the Red Sox, but he has played great since
    • Pomeranz is 1-1 and hasn’t had the best start but comes off a win, Yankees should look to pile up some hits on him
  • Game 2 – Tanaka Vs Price
    • In the 1st series this was the fight game… Note Yankees Won that game
    • Price has been slacking and Tanaka has been gaining momentum
  • Game 3 – Sabathia Vs Porcello
    • CC said he would retire if New York makes a world series? Let’s make it happen, a great ending for one of the greats.
    • Porcello is the best pitcher that the Red Sox have to offer.
    • We are hoping to do him like we did Justin Verlander and him that L

What are your series predictions??

Watch the Video On Youtube!!


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