Top 10 NBA 2nd Round Performances since 1984

Top 10 NBA 2nd Round Performances since 1984.

Note: As of May 2nd, 2018.

  1. Down 3-2 at Seattle in 87, Hakeem Olajuwon tried his best to force a Game 7 scoring 49 pts, collecting 25 rebs and blocking 6 shots but was enough to win the close game. L ha
  2. Against the 1989 Knicks at home, Michael Jordan was otherworldly scoring 40 pts, outrebounded Ewing 15-9, had 9 asts and stole the ball 6x. All this contributed to a Bulls blowout win. Wmj
  3. Back in 85 looking to close out the Blazers in 5 at home Magic Johnson as usual did it all by dropping 34 points, grabbing 9 rebs and dished out 19 assists! Wmj2
  4. Looking to avoid a 3-1 deficit to the 2012 Pacers, LeBron James took over dropping 40 points, gobbled 18 rebs and 9 asts.LBJ2
  5. Being one loss away from being swept by the 87 Lakers, Sleepy Floyd of the Warriors scored 51 points on 69% shooting, assisted on 10 shots, stole the ball 4x and scored 29pts in one quarter a playoff record. WSF
  6. Trying to take a 3-0 lead vs ATL in 09, King James scored 47 points on 60% shooting , grabbed 12 rebounds, assisted on 8 shots. W2
  7. With Game 1 in LA against the 01 Kings, Shaquille O’Neal at no surprise dominated scoring 44 pts, gobbling 21 rebs and blocking 7 shots. WS0
  8. In 85 against Alex English Nuggets at home, Hakeem Olajuwon was phenomenal all around by dropping 38 points pulling down 16 rebs, stealing the ball 6x and blocking 5 shots, surely enough to win Game 1. W11
  9. Looking to complete the sweep in Sacramento, Kobe Bryant guaranteed that with his 48 points, 16 rebs on 52% shooting, outplaying his teammate Shaq. WKB
  10. With Game 3 at Toronto against the 01 Sixers, Vince Carter led the way by finishing the game with 50 points on 19/29 shooting, grabbed 6 rebounds and dished out 7 asts. With Iverson shooting 32%, TOR blew out Philly and won Game 3. W


What Are Some Memorable Playoff Performances You Think should Have Made The List??

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