Yankees comeback, Chapman saves, 3 makes a streak

Yankees comeback, Chapman saves, 3 makes a streak

Up by 2 coming in to 9th inning the Astros almost had it in the bag, but the Yankees had other plans in mind.  No homers, just hits and the Yankees get the 3rd win in the 4 game series against the defending champs.  Is surprising when the Yankees don’t knock it out of the park, when in theory, they could be on pace to match the season home run record.  Today, that wasn’t the case, Carlos Correa hit his 5th of the season and only home run of the season.

The Yankees are 9-1 in their last 10, they swept the Twins and the Angels.  The Astro gave them a tough loss which they bounce back with given them 2 scoreless games.  Game 4 the Yankees come back in the last innings and hand the game over to Aroldis Chapman to do his best work.  Chapman got his 7th save of the season, currently he is 3rd in strikeouts (27) in the team.

Not all is positive with the team, question regarding Stanton hitting are still roaming but as long as they are winning games, he gets a pass.  The pitching has been great, who could complain about the performances from Severino, Tanaka and Chapman.

Winning the series over the Astros’ is one of the biggest of the season.  From a standing point of view the Yankees started out 3rd in the American League and beat out their competition.  Even though some great wins, the celebration will be short live due to another 3 game series vs the Indians.  Then the Boston Red Rox will be coming in to town for another 3 game series.


The Boston are currently lead the American league 1 game ahead of New York. Most importantly is a series rematch from last months, which they Red Sox won 2 out of 3.  While the Yankees should not ignore the games vs Indians.  Everybody is just impatiently waiting for the Red Sox.

Are the Yankees surprising you??


One thought on “Yankees comeback, Chapman saves, 3 makes a streak”

  1. The Yankees are definitely not surprising me because they have so much talent on that team! From the defensive to the bullpen, this team has everything other teams envy.

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