Giancarlo Earns His Paycheck

Giancarlo Earns His Paycheck

Last night vs the Houston Astros, Giancarlo Stanton earned his weekly check from the Yankees.  Stanton gets his 2nd 2 homer game of the season, the first one being opening day vs Toronto.  New York is now up on the series 2-1 with 1 game left and puts the Yankees only 2 games behind the Boston Red Sox in the American League.

Severino get his 5th win of the season to tie with him Corey Kluber of the Cleveland Indians, who the Yankees are playing next.  One more win versus the Astros would create even more momentum for New York.  Also, would erased some of the doubts and questions on who would step up when Stanton and Judge are not connecting the bats.

An early game for the Yankees and Astros as they put an end to the chapter.  Tanaka is starting the game vs McCullers Jr.  Tanaka should be fired up for the win since Severino got his, a win for Tanaka could make it so the Yankees have 2 pitchers with 5 wins.


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