Should We Be Preparing For Another Cavaliers Vs Warriors Finals??

Should we be preparing for another Cavaliers vs Warriors Finals??

The Cleveland Cavaliers stole a home game from the Toronto Raptors.  The Golden State Warriors got their true leader, Steph Curry, back and got a 2-0 lead on the Pelicans.  So much for the Raptors playing for a different result against LeBron, even before half they seemed to have already been breaking down.  Even though it was only 1 game with Toronto’s playoff history the doors start closing fairly quickly.

The Cav’s roster wasted no time responding back to their criticism that nobody had scored over 20 points.  Jr Smith score 20 points 5-6 from 3 and Kyle Korver had 19 points.  Most impressively were the performances by Jeff Green and Tristan Thompson-Kardashian who added 16 and 14 off the bench.  So much for home court advantage when you are turning the ball over 13 times (10 of those times by the starters).

ROCKETSvsWarriors The chances for the Pelicans to win even a game against the Warriors were slim and now that Steph is back, that is almost nonexistent now.  However, the real matchup or opponent is supposed to be Houston, the team built to beat the Warriors at their own game.  Maybe that series will be more of a competition, in the mean time we will get to see Steph Curry get back to 100.

Is it too early to hit the panic button? Maybe.  The Raptors could still bounce back and win it in 6 or 7.  The Warriors haven’t matched up against the Rockets, but at the same time the voices in the back of our heads (all of us who don’t want to see another Cavs-Warriors) are getting louder.  As much as the world loves Steph the same love is not there for KD, but for the Warriors it creates a good balance.  King James earned the title to be called King for a reason and with every game he plays with that 23 Jersey, makes you think of how close he is getting to the ghost of Michael Jordan.



So I ask? Do you want to see another Cavs-Warriors? or Maybe take a break for a year?

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