Gary Sanchez is the Yankee teams should really be worried about

Gary Sanchez is the Yankee teams should really be worried about

                Top of the 9th Judge and Gregorius sit on bases.  Stanton strikes out (again), Sanchez vs Giles, Sanchez homers for 8th time this season.  Yankees go up 3 and between Hicks and Andujar they put the cherry on top to end the inning.  Flashback, April 27th Yankees are hosting the Twins, bottom of the 9th, Gregorious and Stanton on base, Sanchez homers to give the Yankees a 4-3 lead and that’s the game folks.

Henry Giles punching himself, after home run.

Gary Sanchez 8 home runs are 2nd in the roster behind Didi Gregorious and they seem to becoming when they are needed the most.  Sanchez is clutch (should we start calling him Gary SanClutchez) to say the least.  The Houston Astros by far have been the toughest opponent (record wise) and after that game 1 loss and facing Justin Verlander, the lights deemed down a little.

Sanchez had 33 Homers last year and 20 the year before, he has 8 already 29 games in to the season.  Judge and Stanton are Yankees headliners but Gregorious, Sanchez, Austin and Andujar are still not to be forgotten about.

Luis Severino is starting game 3 of the 4 game series.  Severino leads the Yankees in wins and strikeouts.  Keuchel will be starting for the Astro who despite his 1-4 record he plays a better against the Yankees, don’t get carry away by the numbers, the Astro pitchers are strong.  Neither Stanton nor Judge have hit well since the Twins series but facing those 2 teams have to be aware that they could explode for a multi-homer at any point in time.


What do you think about Gary Sanchez?

Credit Youtube for Video – Summerleaguegames

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