Tough loss vs Houston Astros

Tough loss vs Houston Astros

Simply stated Yankees not hitting anything. But even at the top of 8th inning hopes were still high because the Yankees clutch hitting abilities.  It was a tough loss, overall it was an ugly game vs the Houston Astros.  All of the issues that were thought to have been dealt over the last 9 games, all it came back and exposed by Morton 10 strikeouts.

The Yankees live on home runs, they swing for the fences every chance at bat, but against the Astros nothing worked. The offense didn’t show up, so we have to settle for a positive and focus on the defense that only allowing 2 runs.

The Astros take game one and game 2 is going to be pitch by Justin Verlander, who is start of the season has being incredible. Jordan Montgomery, like Verlander, is undefeated in his starts so the Yankees have reason to stay confident.  At the end of the day that was only one game out of 4 game series.

For game 2 of the series, Tyler Austin will be back, so it adds another quality here to the lineup. Austin missed some games so look for him to make a statement and try to make up for the loss time.  Verlander is a tough pitcher but the Yankees are a tough team with a tough batting line up.

The Astros are only 2 games ahead and both teams have as many loses. Both of this teams are a lot closer than what the record shows.  Even if the Yankees lose today’s game they’ll look to bounce back when Severino and Tanaka get their starts.




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