Raptors fight for a different result vs Cavaliers

Raptors fight for a different result vs Cavaliers

The Toronto Raptors locked down the number 1 seed in the east with a 59-23 record for the 1st time in the last 3 years.  The Raptors have been a top team for the better half of the decade but have not been able to get past LeBron James and the Cavaliers.  James and the Cavaliers had to fight to get out of the 1st round against a hungry Pacers team, but don’t get carried away, any team headlined by LeBron James will be tough to beat.

The numbers for King James will always great, but the same cannot be said for the other Cavaliers.  It is almost impossible to think that no other player scored more than 20 point in any of the games against the Pacers. The Cavaliers are not going to win if LeBron has to score every point that they need, the Cavs players need to show some kind of live and as much truth as there in my previous statement, it makes you think “Can LeBron score every point and lead them to the win?” Cavs-Raptors


The Raptors have not given up on the Derozan-Lowry formula.  Dwayne Casey has done everything to keep his team on the high side, but what happens if they don’t get past the Cavs? Which is a possibility.  Serge Ibaka and Lowry have a tendency to disappear when they play the Cavs.  In the season series Cavs came out ahead 2-1.  If the Raptors don’t beat the Cavs and advance to the next around, what happens?

Key Factors

  • Home court Advantage is in favor of the Raptors.
  • Kevin Love/ George Hill/ JR Smith/ Tristan Thompson/ Kyle Korver / Production from anybody?
  • Lowry-Ibaka-Valenciunas – Can they bring it every game?
  • Raptors bench production.
  • LeBron James Vs Defender – who is going to guard James?

Vote & Watch The Video!! Cavaliers Vs Raptors!! Round 2 NBA Playoffs!! Lebron!! Derozan!! Love!! Lowry!! NSS

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