Yankees Vs Orioles Round 2!! Revenge Time!

Yankees vs Orioles is revenge time with a dose of Manny Machado recruitment!

                35 wins and 17 losses have the Yankees sitting comfortably in the 2nd spot of the American League.  Even through ups and downs they ended it up having a pretty good month that included winning series against the Red Sox and the Astros.  The last game of the month is against the Orioles, who beat out the Yankees earlier in the season.  This is a chance of revenge for the Yankees, they have the momentum, batting power and a semi descent pitching line up for the next 4 games.

The Orioles on the other hand aren’t doing so hot, 5 game losing streak sitting in the last spot of the American League.  On the positive side they won the last series against the Yankees so that does give them a sense of hope for a turnaround.  Manny Machado is doing everything he can to keep the Orioles fighting on the offensive side leading the team with 16 home runs and 45 RBIs.

The problem is that Machado is the only batter to seem to be showing up to games, nobody else even is over 10 home runs. Adam Jones is the closest thing to producing anything and he is only at 9 home runs and 26 RBIs.  The Orioles were shut out twice in the last 3 games against the Nationals.  The Orioles don’t look to have winning as a priority.  Machado shouldn’t let his season go to waste maybe he should rearrange his priorities, he should talk to Aaron Judge.

The unpopular Sonny Gray will be starting out for the Yankees. Even though Sonny Gray is 3-4 every time he steps up to the mount all Yankees fan get a nervous feeling.  Domingo German, also a problem child, 0-3 but on one side a lot more like than Gray.  German has the potential to be great, but the Yankees aren’t going to be so patient to just prepare for losses when Gray and German jump in.

Gleyber Torres is at 9 homers while Aaron Judge leads with 15. Stanton, Didi and Sanchez are dealing with their regular struggles.  Even though when the top batters for the Yankees struggle, guys like Walker, Hicks and Andujar are stepping to do the dirty work and to get the runs.  Also Bird is back and it will take no time for him to get back on track.

Series Predictions: Yankees win 3-1

  • Gleyber Torres hits 10th
  • German will gets his 1st win
  • Red Sox and Astros split the series

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Cavaliers Vs Warriors: Are you ready now?

Cavaliers Vs Warriors: Are you ready now?

2015, 2016, 2017 and now 2018 the Cavaliers will face the Warriors in the NBA finals.  The King of the East vs the strongest the West have to offer.  Are we tired? We say we are tired, but we are not tired.  The NBA finals have been taking a page out of Batman’s script and given us not what we want, but what we deserve.  The Celtics only home game loss came when it counted the most.  James Harden, Chris Paul and Mike D’Antoni all got exposed when it counted the most.  So here we are again.

The Celtics and the Rockets were the teams that were built to stop this dynasty by LeBron James and the Warriors (Yes, they are a dynasty).  Both failed or did they?  Let’s be honest, this what the NBA really wants it to be.  Maybe the scales would have tilted if Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward and Chris Paul would have been at 100% but the result would have been the same.


LeBron James will face his biggest test yet in his chase of “the number 23”.  The world of basketball and sports in this period in time is about LeBron James.  For example baseball game Astros vs Yankees; Aaron Judge steps up to the plate; announcer introduces Judge to the plate 6’7, 280 pounds; 2nd announcer says oh wow thought you were talking about LeBron James, who just led the Cavaliers over Boston last night (not exactly quoted, it went something like that).  King James is not just basketball, his legacy and dominance in sports is undeniable.

Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings

For the Warriors it is about creating and winning with a new brand of basketball. The Houston Rockets are a product of the Warriors.  The Nuggets are the best example of trying to mimic the Warriors.  Just as with many copies or replicas they are not as good as the original formula.  The Warriors 3-game is perfection, they succeed in the 3rd with their 3 Point shooting, chasing their 3rd championship, 3 of the best 3 point shooters in the league.  The Warriors really live and die by the 3.

Are you ready now? On May 2nd I asked if we should be preparing for another Cavs Vs Warriors series.  Ready or not is here.  The game plans are simple, for the Cavs give the ball LeBron and for the Warriors is unleashed Curry in the 3rd quarter.

Who do you think wins?

Gail Goodrich vs Reggie Miller: The Argument

Gail Goodrich vs Reggie Miller

Seasons played

Gail Goodrich: 14

Reggie Miller: 18


Gail Goodrich: 18.6ppg 7.2/15.8 shooting

Reggie Miller: 18.2ppg, 5.9/12.6 shooting

Thoughts: Although Gail averaged more ppg, he shot more, however playing with Jerry West, Baylor, Wilt and STILL average more points than Miller who a #1 option is kind still impressive.


Gail Goodrich: 3.2

Reggie Miller: 3.0

Thoughts: Goodrich did play in an era with more possessions than when Reggie played, but again Gail played with Wilt Chamberlain for a couple of years and Happy Hairston two above avg rebounders.


Gail Goodrich: 4.7

Reggie Miller: 3.0

Thoughts: No surprise which one averaged more assists considering Reggie was more of a catch and shoot player and had Mark Jackson a very good playmaking point guard.


Gail Goodrich: 1.2

Reggie Miller: 1.0

Career best

PPG: Gail 25.9, Miller 24.6

RPG: Gail 5.4, Miller 3.9

APG: Gail 7.5, Miller 4.0

Stls: Gail 1.6, Miller 1.5


Gail: 18ppg on 6.8/15 shooting, 3 rebs and 4 asts in 32 mins.

Reggie: 20.6 on 6.5/18.5 shooting, 3 rebs and 2.5 asts in 37 mins.

Thoughts: Now Miller did lead his team to the Finals and far in the playoffs as the man so he gets the edge in that, but who individually played better? Looks like Gail did.


Gail: 1x NBA champ, 5x All Star, 1x All NBA 1st team.

Miller: 5x All Star, 1x All NBA 1st team, 3x All NBA teams


   While stats  may point to Gail Goodrich as the better player, Reggie Miller was a franchise player that again led his team far in the playoffs unlike Gail l. Not to mention Reggie was more clutch and a better shooter overall. So who should be ranked higher all time? Well depending on your criteria, I may give Reggie the edge in this matchup.

What are your thoughts??



Job Hunting with Hanley Ramirez

Hanley Ramirez from starter to Job Hunting

The Red Sox did not want to pay Hanley Ramirez, simply put.  Throw some shade on him and send the first baseman packing with the title “He is not that good”.  Ramirez (@HanleyRamirez) Tweet it “Thank you #RedSoxNation. It’s been real. Love you always”, pretty much a proper good bye to the team Right? It’s been real is like saying F*ck You and have a nice day.

Hanley Ramirez, 13 year veteran from Dominican Republic, will be job hunting for his 5th MLB team (if you count Florida and Miami been different teams).  Red Sox and numbers will say that he is on a decline and it will be hard for him to find a job, which I hardly doubt.  The Red Sox will still, more than likely, have to pay him 15 million, so really he is not doing that bad, but he is leaving a contending team.

So really what’s next? This season we have seen Matt Harvey find a new home with Reds and Jose Bautista with the Mets. So without a doubt Hanley will find a job, but really neither the Mets nor the Reds are really a place that players are dying to go to.  Yes, a paycheck will be catch but also there is the reputation that comes with being on a winning team.


Is not all bad for Hanley, he has hit 6 home runs and 29 RBIs. Best case scenario the Milwaukee Brewers will give him a chance at some revenge against the Red Sox.  The Brewers could use a guy to create offense especially since they only have 3 guys with more homers.  A lot of people are giving Ramirez a bad rep, but he might just do great in a new environment.

Good Luck Hanley Ramirez, Hope you get your revenge.


Who should win Defensive Player of the Year?


Who should win defensive player of the Year?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock I am sure you’re aware Sixers All Star center Joel Embiid, Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz, and Superstar Anthony Davis of the Pelicans are the 3 finalists of this award. Who deserves it the most? After reading this the answer will be clear.

   Isolation Defense

Rudy Gobert: 16/48 (33%)

Joel Embiid: 27/72 (37.5%)

Anthony Davis: 29/91 (31.9%)

Comments: The Brow no shocker has played the best iso d of the 3 with his athletic gift.

Contested shots

Rudy Gobert: 15.0 (12.7 2s) (2.3 3s)

Joel Embiid: 11.5 ( 9.6 2s) (1.9 3s)

Anthony Davis: 14.2 (9.8 2s) (4.4 3s)

Comments: I wasn’t shocked Rudy averaged the most contested shots per game but I didn’t think he contested more 3pt attempts per game than Embiid.

Defensive Field Goals

Rudy Gobert: 360/762 on 2s (47%) 50/141 on 3s (35.5%)

Joel Embiid: 315/725 on 2s(43.4%) 45/156 on 3s (28.8%)

Anthony Davis: 366/848 on 2s (43.2%) 120/371 on 3s (32.3%)

Comments: Not surprisingly it’s very close between Joel and the Brow considering those two can shoot the 3 ball.

Defensive Rating

Rudy Gobert: 97.7

Joel Embiid: 99.7

Anthony Davis: 103.4

On and off court defensive rating

NO WITH AD on court: 103.4

NO with AD on bench: 110.2

Utah with Rudy on court: 97.7

Utah with Rudy on bench: 99.9

PHI with Joel on court: 99.7

PHI with Joel on bench: 104.0

Comments: As you can see from the provided unbiased information, Davis and Embiid have a bigger impact defensively when they’re not playing which makes sense since Utah is that good defensively. Still I gotta give AD the edge barely over Embiid.

Defending the rim

Rudy Gobert: 197/357= 55.2%

Anthony Davis: 232/428 54.3%

Joel Embiid: 187/357= 52.4%

Comments: I was a bit shocked on Gobert but clearly Joel gets wins this category.

Defending the pick and roll

Rudy Gobert: 42/88 = 47.7%

Anthony Davis: 33/94 = 35.1%

Joel Embiid: 18/52 = 34.6%

Comments: It’s close between Joel and AD but because Davis contested more, I got to give him the edge.


Although Anthony Davis won’t win MVP, he will surely win Defensive Player of the Year.