New York Gets Their 1st Sweep of the Season on a Late Comeback

New York Gets Their 1st Sweep of the Season on a Late Comeback

Written by Francis S Estepan.  April 26, 2018.

The Yankees are on a 6 game winning streak thanks to a homer by Gary Sanchez to give them 1 run lead over the twins.  Is there a better way to finish off a series? No. Are we getting too hype over this Yankees? Yes.  Are we going to tune it down? Maybe, but probably not.  The important thing is that the Yankees got the sweep.  And if we learned anything, is that the New York lives on homers.

  • Didi Gregorious – 3 HR
  • Gary Sanchez – 3 HR
  • Aaron Judge – 1 HR
  • Giancarlo Stanton – 1 HR
  • Tyler Austin 2 – HR
  • Miguel Andujar – 1 HR

That’s at least 6 guys that are liable to hit a homer. As a roster they lead the league with 38 home runs.  The Yankees got their first sweep.  I cannot emphasize how important the wins were and yes, in theory every win is important, but you can’t expect your team to win every game (That’s Nonsense).  Now sweep is done, happy birthday Aaron Judge, but let’s not get carry away with the celebration.

There is no rest for the wicked.

Next up, Luis Severino, our best pitcher so far, takes on the LA Angels’ Pujols and Trout. The Angels are feeling, even though losing the last game they still beat out Houston for the series.  Trout and Pujols have strucked out less than Stanton.  But being that they are only 1 game up on the standings they can’t be too confident that this will be an easy series.

The Yankees are ready, the bats are hot, no team can be on a 6 game winning streak without making the right plays (or hits) at the right time. The Yankees are throwing out there a series of their best starting pitches in Severino, Tanaka and CC Sabathia.  This is going to be a hard fought series by both teams.  The winner could be looking at themselves closing the gap on the Astros and the Red Sox.

About 24/25 games in to the season is all about making the right decisions.



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