NFL Draft Predictions With Ryan & Francis

Nonsense Sports 2018 NFL Draft Prediction with Ryan & Francis

We are almost at the NFL Draft, teams are bound to go wild trying to make a better for their franchise while avoiding bust players.  Ryan & Francis (the guys from the Youtube Channel!!) make their pics: Check it out!!


  1. Cleveland Browns

Ryan – Barkley RB – it would be stupid to pass up on Barkley who is clearly the top back in this year’s draft. If the Browns want to be the Browns and screw up, then they’ll draft someone else, if they want to look upward then they need to draft Barkley

Francis – Barkley RB – The Browns need to keep making good moves.  Barkley is the smart pick.  You already got Tyrod, who is (sometimes) solid and draft comes in with plenty of picks to pick from.

  1. New York Giants

Ryan – Darnold QB – Giants need a backup and have to look to the future with Eli aging and probably not far from retirement. Train this guy behind Manning and they could have their future QB.

Francis – Mayfield QB – Even Mayfield shop Eli for more picks or assets.  If they are really trying to pair up OBJ and Dez they need a young QB with swagger for the boat parties and nights out.

  1. New York Jets

Ryan – Allen QB – Jets need a ton of help, so why not take a QB as well to try and build for their future.

Francis – Rosen QB – Rosen wants to be the number 1 guy, let him do it with the Jets.  I think we should put a bust alert on him.


  1. Cleveland Browns

Ryan – Mayfield QB – Rarely do you hear a player say they want to play for the Browns, Mayfield in my opinion is the top QB in the draft and has proven the most. He also said he wants to play for them, having Barkley and Mayfield together will be dynamite for the future. They get Barkley and Mayfield they will get at least 5 wins this coming season.

Francis – Darnold QB – Practice reps, workout plan, a new diet and as much garbage time as possible. Will make the Browns look like geniuses next year when he gets the starting job from Tyrod.

  1. Denver Broncos

Ryan – Rosen QB – This pick I can see traded to either the Cardinals or the Bills. All 3 of these teams could use a QB and hopefully they get their future QB.

Francis – Allen QB – Any time there is a rumor that a GM likes a player he is as good as signed.  I don’t think the Broncos have that much confidence in Keenum.  If the picks gets traded, Larry Fitzgerald will walk to the mic himself and draft himself a QB that he likes.

  1. Indianapolis Colts

Ryan – Nelson G – Colts need to protect their future QB especially with his shoulder issues. Top priority is getting the help to protect him.

Francis – Nelson G – If anything that we learned from Pagano is to protect your franchise QB.  Hard lesson learned.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ryan – Chubb DE – Put this guy on the line with McCoy and that could be a fantastic d-line right there.

Francis – Fitzpatrick CB – after signing Evans for a long time, Bucs have to focus on defense.

  1. Chicago Bears

Ryan – Ridley WR – Get your young QB another weapon, have him in with Robinson and White and then you also brought in Trey Burton. Defense was solid last year, offense needs improvement. They’ve done a great job of improving their offense and getting Trubisky weapons, keep it going with Ridley.

Francis – Edmunds LB – Give him the Clowney treatment and have his focus just develop and improve.  Already good defense it will only improve and prepare for the long run.

  1. San Francisco 49ers

Ryan – James S – Build that secondary. You lose one of your safeties during the offseason, bring in the young guy in James who is arguably the best safety in the draft with tons of potential.

Francis – Smith LB – 49ers should draft Smith and start making him in to the next Clowney/ Watt/ Lawrence mixture of linebackers.  He needs to become a nightmare.

  1. Oakland Raiders

Ryan – Fitzpatrick S – Help out your secondary as well and bring in another arguable choice for the best safety in this draft. Fitzpatrick also has tons of potential as well. Raiders look pretty solid on offense so work on that defense and secondary.

Francis – McGlinchey T – Protect your QB. Protect your QB. Protect your QB.  Gruden and the Raiders will be the must watch team, if Carr goes down again and Amari Cooper still lost somewhere, it won’t be pretty.


Agree or Disagree!!

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