Yankees Need A Sweep vs The Twins!

Yankees Need A Sweep vs The Twins!

Written by Francis S Estepan.  April 23rd 2018.

Should teams really be that excited about a 2 game winning streak? Not really, but when the Yankees are even on a 1 game winning streak, it is celebrated.  New York sits at 11-9 and face off against the Minnesota Twins who are 8-8.  Speaking of steaks, the Twins are on a 3 game losing streak.

Luis Severino leads the team in wins (4), but will not be pitching this series, but noted has been pitching great early on.  Tanaka (2-2) will kick it off game one.  Over the next 4 games the pitching will be tested.  The batting (Stanton) is not where it needs to be just yet, therefore the pitching has to step it up a bit.

The Twins are 3 games behind the Yankees in the American League standings coming into the series.  New York can be called the better team, but at times they have played down to the competition.  Credit Severino, Tanaka and Montgomery for keeping the wins coming when needed the most.  Winning over the series would create momentum for the next 2 series against top teams; Angels and Astros.

Angell-Yankees Stanton is still slumping, because it is New York and he was the biggest signing, we are going to talk about it every time.  While we are busy talking about that, Judge and Gregorious are starting out pretty good with 6 homers each.  As a team 110 RBIs which is plenty compared to what the Twins have.  The Yankees should be looking to stomp on the Twins.

The Yankees haven’t been able to sweep a team just yet, the Twins would be a great start. They came out of the Toronto series 3-1.  After the Twins, is 3 games vs Angels and 4 games vs Astros, those are 2 of the best teams.  Realistically, they aren’t going to sweep both Houston and LA, but against the Twins the chances are better.  Sweep the Twins, hope for 2 wins against the Angels and split 2-2 against the Astros.

  1. Tanaka (2-2) vs Odorizzi (1-1)
  2. Sabathis vs Berrios (2-1)
  3. Gray (1-1) vs Lynn (0-1)
  4. Montgomery (2-0) vs Gibson (1-1)

Watch the Youtube Video Segment!! Twins Vs Yankees!! NSS Game Preview!! 4 Game Series!! Severino!! Stanton!! Judge!!



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