NYY 8-8 = Even, Even > Losing

NYY 8-8 = Even, Even > Losing

Francis S Estepan.  April 18th, 2018.

It is not easy losing games.  Even worse when the team you lose to is the same team that you beat the night before and also the team where your biggest offseason acquisition came from.  The Stanton struggles continues.  Tanaka gave up 11 hits and 9 runs.  Another loss.  A LOSS TO MIAMI.

As of right now, slowly but surely, the frustration/hate jar with Stanton is filling up.  What do you expect, Stanton, leads in times at bat and also in strikeouts?  The answer is just regular Yankees early struggles we have seen it before.  It takes time for the best team that money can buy to get on a groove.  Come on who really cares about the first 25-50 games of the MLB season, most people are still focused on the NBA Playoffs, NFL Draft and El Mundial.  The Yankees have plenty of time to pick up their game play.

Didi Gregorius is making the best out of his attempts at bat with 5 Homers.  Aaron Judge hit his 4th in the series vs the Marlins.  The Yankees can still hit but it is New York so the biggest name on the roster has to take the blame for everything (Stanton).  Early struggles could mean late Success.

10038474Luis Severino 3-1 is having a great start to the season.  Severino is one of three pitchers in the American League with 3 wins and also ties him with the leader National League as well.  The Dominican pitcher will face Toronto for a 2nd time in the last game of the upcoming series scheduled for Sunday the 22nd.

ctCC Sabathia will make his 1st start this season. The 17 year old veteran has surpassed the 500 MLB games and is only 150 strikeouts from the 3k mark for his career.  1460 of those with New York putting him number 6 in the All Time list (only 8 away to break in the top 5).  For those all you who are Severino fan then you should know that he is at a total of 380.

                Upcoming series vs Toronto Blue Jays 11-5

  • Split the 1st series 2-2.
  • Game 1 – Sabathia (0-0) vs Sanchez (1-1):  Win 4-3.  Judge 5th Homer.
  • Game 2 – Gray (1-1) vs Estrada (1-1): Lose 8-5.  Stanton, Austin & Andujar homers.
  • Game 3 – Montgomery (1-0) vs Stroman (0-1): Win 9-1.  Montgomery 5 Strikeouts.  Judge 6th Homer.
  • Game 4 – Severino (3-1) vs Garcia (2-0): Win 5-1. Severino 7 Strikeouts. Didi Gregorius 6th Homer.



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