Stanton host the Marlins

Stanton host the Marlins

Written by Francis S Estepan.  April 16th, 2018.

Stanton was the biggest acquisition by the New York Yankees from the Marlins, where he spend the 1st 7 years of his career.  Stanton is on his 1st year with the Yankees and the expectations are high.  Looking at the numbers those expectations are not being met specially with the team record of 7-7 coming in to the week.  Now a valuable wins vs Boston shows how effective he can be on game that counts (have to win rivalry games).

                merlin_136587468_29b19ee5-5213-49ab-80ea-309e77d773c8-master768Stanton 1st game with the Yankee was nothing but amazing that left everybody scratching their heads who could stop the Yankees.  But since that 2 home run outing he has only hit another one, against Boston so that kind of gives him a pass.  But 25 strikeouts. 25 STRIKEOUTS in 59 Attempts on the mount is not a good trend.  Now we are only 14 games deep in the season, Stanton will be fine (hopefully).  Maybe he still getting used to the cold in New York.  Stanton is on a slump facing Miami could lift him up a little, nothing is better than beating up on your old team.

                Judge and Stanton are the big names in the roster but guys like Sanchez, Drury (injured) and Gardner will be taking teams by surprised with some big nights.  The Yankees have 1 more home run than they have allowed, Judge and Stanton lead with 3 each.  The Marlins are starting out Caleb Smith who have only allowed 2 home runs this season.  But is not all about homers, Didi Gregorius leads the team with 13 RBIs

14YANKEESsub-master768Dominican Luis Severino will be pitching his 4th game of the season holding a 2-1 record is the Yankee’s leader in strikeouts with 20.  Severino is followed by Tanaka (18 Strikeouts) who is pitching the 2nd game of the series.  Pitching wise only letting the Red Sox score in double digits can be seeing as a positive.  As a team the pitching squad have only allow 17 home runs while getting 157 strikeouts.

0746+Marlins+Cubs+062616+ADD(2)The Marlins are not a bad team, that’s a compliment, they have more wins than the Reds, Royals and the Rays. Justin Bour is stepping in to his own sending out 4 out of the park.  They let Philadelphia score 20 runs but came back the next night and stole a win to finish the series.  If any concern it should be the Derek Jeter skipping out on the series against the Yankees calling it “awkward”.  Hey bud, now that you said is awkward now it got really awkward.

New York Yankees: 7-7 Luis Severino 2-1

Miami Marlins: 4-11 Caleb Smith 0-1


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