Is Paul George A Playoff Choker?

Is Paul George A Playoff Choker?

Written by Kevin Bertalotto.  April 30 2018.

After his horrible performance in Game 6 vs Utah, countless people all over social media have said, “he chokes worse than Lowry” or “he is a choker” so I wondered how accurate those claims were.

Big games since 2013:

  • 2013, Round 1 Up 3-2 vs ATL: 4, 7 ,7, 2/10, 0-5 on 3s. 44 mins W
  • 2013, R.2 up 3-2 vs NYK: 23 5, 4, 9/15, 2-3 on 3s 45 mins W
  • 2013, R.3 down 2-1 vs MIA: 12, 8, 3, 4/10, 0-4 on 3s, 33 mins W
  • 2013, R.3 down 3-2 vs MIA: 28, 8, 5, 11/19, 3-5 on 3s , 43 mins W
  • 2013, R.3 Game 7 @ MIA: 7, 7, 4, 2/9, 1-4 on 3s, 33 mins L
  • 2014, R.1 down 2-1 @ ATL: 24, 10, 5, 10/18, 4-7 on 3s, 43 mins W
  • 2014, R 1 down 3-2 @ ATL: 24, 8,3, 7/18, 1-6 on 3s, 38 mins W
  • 2014, R.1 Game 7 vs ATL: 30, 11, 4, 11/23, 1-8 on 3s. 43 mins W
  • 2014, R.2 up 3-2 vs WAS: 12, 5, 2, 4/11, 1-5 on 3s. 42 mins W
  • 2014, R.3 down 2-1 @ MIA: 23, 7, 3, 8/16, 3-9 on 3s 43 mins L
  • 2014, R.3 down 3-1 vs MIA: 37, 6, 6 stls, 16/28, 5-14 on 3s. 45 mins W
  • 2014, R. 3 down 3-2 @ MIA: 29, 8, 2, 8/18, 5/10 on 3s. 41 mins L
  • 2016, R. 1 down 2-1 vs TOR: 19, 4, 2, 6/16, 1/4 on 3s, 35 mins W
  • 2016, R. 1 down 3-2 vs TOR: 21, 6, 2, 5/14, 1/5 on 3s. 40 mins W
  • 2016, R. 1 Game 7 vs TOR: 26, 12, 1, 8/18, 4/7 on 3s. 44 mins L
  • 2017, R. 1 down 2-0 vs CLE: 36, 15, 9, 10/28, 5-15 on 3s. 44 mins L
  • 2017, R. 1 down 3-0 vs CLE: 15, 7, 6, 5/21, 3/9 on 3s. 43 mins L
  • 2018, R.1 down 2-1 @ UTAH: 32, 6, 2, 9/21, 2-9 on 3s. 39 mins L
  • 2018, R.1 down 3-1 vs Utah: 34, 8, 2, 12/26, 2-6 on 3s. 44 mins W
  • 2018, R. 1 down 3-2 @ UTAH: 5, 3, 8, 2/16, 0-6 on 3s. 45 mins L

Are we blinded by the smooth plays by Paul George that we don’t notice he lack of wins?




Oh Damn! You Got Me Again! NBA! Good One!

Oh Damn! You Got Me Again! NBA! Good One!

So here we are 1st round of the NBA playoffs.  So may surprises Anthony Davis and the Disappearance of Damian Lillard; The Kyrie-less Boston Celtics; Raptors of Drake Shouts of Doubt; The Jazz Feeling the Music; Washington’s Big Decision; Trust The Process; The Westbrook Conspiracy – Numbers Don’t Translate to Wins; The All Or Nothing Team – The Rockets: LeBron The Ageless King and his minions.  How Did We Not See What The Warriors were building?

Anthony Davis and the Disappearance of Damian Lillard – Perhaps last year Lillard didn’t disappear but the result for the Blazers was the same one.  Such a promising team but still out in the 1st round.

The Kyrie-less Boston Celtics – Remember last year it was the IT-Less Boston Celtics barely getting by the Chicago Bulls.  If the Celtics can get pass the

The Re-Rise of Derrick Rose – Derrick Rose makes another comeback and shows that he can compete in the playoffs.  Congrats Rose.  But really is a metaphor for players who are pass their prime but make enough noise in the playoffs so they can make a case for playing another year.  Reference Vintage Rondo, Father Time (Dwayne Wade).

Raptors of Drake Shouts of Doubt – Every year in the 1st round the Raptors make us doubt that they can beat Lebron in the playoffs.  Yes King James is the King of East and Lance Stephenson is court jester.  This years they are letting John Wall go toe-toe with them, that shouldn’t be happening.

Jazz Feeling the Music: The Jazz are a fun team to watch.  Donovan Mitchell should send thank you letters to Gordon Hayward.  Not just for leaving but also for being a lesson learned by the Utah Jazz to not be afraid to be embrace their future stars.  Mitchell was giving the key to the city like Hayward had it last year.  Snyder and the Jazz are learning from their mistakes and now here they are again knocking at the 2nd round doors.

Washington’s Big Decision: If the Wizards couldn’t attract home towner Kevin Durant they should stop trying to bring anybody else.  Do players really want to play with Bradley Beal and John Wall? Or should we be asking if they want to play with Beal OR Wall?

Trust the Process: the 76ers are probably the hottest team in the league right now.  How much can we trust the process? Embiid is what every coach dreams in a center.  Trusting the Process is Westbrook 1st time ever triple double averaging players, that’s this year’s new story.

The Westbrook Conspiracy – Numbers Don’t Translate to Wins: Russell Westbrook accomplishes another Triple Double season.  What seem impossible Westbrook has made it into another chapter in his books of fun facts.  But they haven’t translate into real wins, championships that is.  At this point in time his ceiling could be LeBron James’ stats without the rings.

The All or Nothing Team: The Rockets have all their chips on the table.  This team knows that the only real goal is winning a championship and nothing else matters.  Mike D’Antoni’s offense, Chris Paul new role, James Harden Dominance, Eric Gordon highlight dunks, The Rise of Capela will all go worthless without a championship to show it.

LeBron the Ageless King and his minions: LeBron James has played enough basketball to be the hero that is becoming the villain.  The Ageless King has nice ring to it.  As much hope as Indy has put into people’s mind, Cleveland is winning the series.  LeBron has proven to own the Toronto Raptors.  Lastly, the 76ers or better yet the home of Ben Simmons aka The Next Of Kin, won’t make it past LeBron.

How Did We Not See What the Warriors were building? Its 3 Am in the morning you are playing “MyCareer” on NBA 2K as you are down by 20 by the Golden State Warriors.  Kevin Durant has just hit back to back to back 3 pointers.  Carry keeps pulling up from anywhere.  Somehow Draymond Green is 4/4 on corner 3 not including a bank shot.  And even in the game you see rare drives by Klay Thompson.  How did we not see this coming? And how did we let it happen?

Each 2018 NBA All Star defender

Each 2018 NBA All Star defender

Written by Kevin Bartolotto.  April 27th, 2018.

Ever wondered who was the best Embiid defender or LeBron defender? Or maybe you even wondered who defended Russell Westbrook the best. Well, now you will know. (Note: minimum of 15 shots defended).


  • Guards
    • Demar- Ingles 5/23, 0/2 on 3s
    • Beal – Crabbe 4/26, 1/5 on 3s
    • Dipo – Avery 6/21, 3/9 on 3s
    • Kyrie – Avery 4/18, 2/8 on 3s
    • Walker – Covington 4/17, 2/10 on 3s
    • GOATran – Bledsoe 6/22, 3/10 on 3s
    • Lowry- Schroeder 6/24, 3/18 on 3s
    • Klay- KCP 4/18, 3/13 on 3s
    • Russ- Danny 5/20, 0/5 on 3s
    • Curry- Rondo 4/15, 1/7 on 3s
    • Dame- Thornwell (who?) 4/15, 2/8 on 3s
    • Harden- Smart 2/17, 1/11 on 3s

Oklahoma City Thunder v Portland Trail Blazers

  • Forwards
    • PG13- 3/15
    • KD – James Johnson 5/16  3/10 on 3s
    • Giannis – James Johnson 6/18 2/3 on 3s
    • Lance – Thomas 5/15  0/0 on 3s
    • Anthony – Tolliver 5/15  0/1 on 3s
    • Bron – Pascal Siakam 4/16 1/5 on 3s
    • Jimmy – Demarre Carrol 5/16  0/3 on 3s
    • AD – Marvin Williams 6/16  1/3 on 3s
    • Love – Horford 4/16  1/5 on 3s
    • Porzingis – Horford 5/22  0/3 on 3s
    • Dray – Davis  5/13 1/6 on 3s
    • Aldridge – T.Young 8/23  0/2 on 3s

San Antonio Spurs v Minnesota Timberwolves

  • Centers
    • KAT – Randle 7/18  2/4 on 3s
    • Horford – Ollynk 2/12  0/2 on 3s
    • Embiid – Jahil 3/16 0/5 on 3s
    • Drummond – Dwight  8/22
    • Boogie – M. Gasol 6/20  3/8 on 3s

What are your thoughts on the Stats?

New York Gets Their 1st Sweep of the Season on a Late Comeback

New York Gets Their 1st Sweep of the Season on a Late Comeback

Written by Francis S Estepan.  April 26, 2018.

The Yankees are on a 6 game winning streak thanks to a homer by Gary Sanchez to give them 1 run lead over the twins.  Is there a better way to finish off a series? No. Are we getting too hype over this Yankees? Yes.  Are we going to tune it down? Maybe, but probably not.  The important thing is that the Yankees got the sweep.  And if we learned anything, is that the New York lives on homers.

  • Didi Gregorious – 3 HR
  • Gary Sanchez – 3 HR
  • Aaron Judge – 1 HR
  • Giancarlo Stanton – 1 HR
  • Tyler Austin 2 – HR
  • Miguel Andujar – 1 HR

That’s at least 6 guys that are liable to hit a homer. As a roster they lead the league with 38 home runs.  The Yankees got their first sweep.  I cannot emphasize how important the wins were and yes, in theory every win is important, but you can’t expect your team to win every game (That’s Nonsense).  Now sweep is done, happy birthday Aaron Judge, but let’s not get carry away with the celebration.

There is no rest for the wicked.

Next up, Luis Severino, our best pitcher so far, takes on the LA Angels’ Pujols and Trout. The Angels are feeling, even though losing the last game they still beat out Houston for the series.  Trout and Pujols have strucked out less than Stanton.  But being that they are only 1 game up on the standings they can’t be too confident that this will be an easy series.

The Yankees are ready, the bats are hot, no team can be on a 6 game winning streak without making the right plays (or hits) at the right time. The Yankees are throwing out there a series of their best starting pitches in Severino, Tanaka and CC Sabathia.  This is going to be a hard fought series by both teams.  The winner could be looking at themselves closing the gap on the Astros and the Red Sox.

About 24/25 games in to the season is all about making the right decisions.


Is J Rich (Josh Richardson) NBA 1st Defensive Team?

Is J Rich (Josh Richardson) NBA 1st Defensive Team?

Written by Kevin Bertalotto.  April 26, 2018.

In case you’ve been sleeping on Miami as has everyone and is unaware of who Josh Richardson is, he’s the Heat’s starting shooting guard who played 81 games and believe me when I tell you it is a lot closer than majority thinks.

Guarding their man:

Victor Oladipo on defense held his man to 45.1% shooting, 373/834. Josh Richardson on defense held his man to 41.6% shooting, 370/890 total.

imagesGeneral defensive stats

J Rich allowed 7.6 fast break ppg and 8.1 2nd chance ppg. Mr. Oladipo allowed 8.5 fast break ppg and 9.3 2nd chance ppg. Although Dipo was a better Iso defender, has shut down more notable players.

Big names Dipo locked up (min. 10 fga)

  1. Klay 3/11 27%
  2. Booker 4/15 27%
  3. CJ 6/18 33%
  4. Lou Will 4/12 33%

Big names J Rich locked up (min 10 fga)

  1. Demar 9/24 37%
  2. Dipo 7/22 32%
  3. Wiggins 5/20 25%
  4. Pg13 3/15 20%
  5. Wall 4/12 33%
  6. Lou Will 4/12 33%
  7. Kemba 6/15 40%
  8. Klay 6/15 40%

As you can see Richardson has put the clamps on more notable players which certainly means something.  As said before it is close but Josh has a slight advantage with his height and uses that to his full advantage, Oladipo most certainly can make a legit case, but I gotta ride with J Rich on this one.

Bam Adebayo, Josh Richardson, Wayne Ellington