Dear NCAA: So why can’t we pay them (players)?

Dear NCAA: So why can’t we pay them (players)?

Written By Watson Rowe. March 14th, 2018.

Recently, the basketball world was once again awoken to scandal: player incentives.

 This age old battle stretches back decades but has this never ending controversy finally reached it’s climax? Is there now sufficient evidence to support a player pay for play set up in the NCAA? 

I believe so. 

Most players are not on full ride scholarships. And I’m not necessarily talking about walk-ons either. Schools have a limit on how many scholarships they can give out a year, so unless you are like a starter or backup you probably don’t have a full ride. Bear in mind, these guys play like 30-35 games a season spanning from October to March with the potential to play in the NCAA/NIT tournament. 

Their days consist of 3 a day practices/workouts/film review,​ with classes taking up time in between. In addition to that​, they travel maybe 15-20 times a season, give or take, and they have to compete at the highest level possible while exceeding academic requirements.

 And unlike other students, they can’t work a side job and have minimal personal time, as most of it will be consumed with studying or honing their athletic abilities. What little time they do have will probably be spent sleeping, partying, or maybe with a girlfriend. So with all this in mind, they should be at least paid for their play. 

How about these coaches that are getting paid millions to coach these kids? Schools such as Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, and UNC turn out a butt load of one and done players every year, raising a ton of questions. 

Doesn’t that take away from the value of a scholarship? Doesn’t that just put money in the pockets of colleges and universities that they use to simply raise the cost of tuition for the average student? Isn’t that technically exploiting amateur athletes and making money off of their success?

 Like I said their coaches make multimillions a year and the players themselves struggle to pay for their own meal at a dining hall. 

So why can’t we pay them? 


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