Rockets Want Revenge Against The Thunder

Rockets Want Revenge Against The Thunder

Written Francis S Estepan, Published March 6, 2018

At this point in time what matter most to the Houston Rockets Extending to a 16 game winning streak? Getting revenge on the Oklahoma City Thunder? Both? If you said both you are correct (btw there is no right answer).  The Rockets sit at the top of west (by a small margin) with a 49-13 records.  James Harden has never looked better.  Chris Paul came into this new team and even playing with another ball dominant guard he is still putting up great numbers, some stats even better than last year.

One thing about being at the top of your conference is that lower seeded teams will look to try and upset you.  That way they can build some hype by proving they can compete.  No other teams compete harder than the Oklahoma City Thunder, they have beaten the Warriors, the Rockets and Cleveland.  Unfortunately, they have also taking Ls to really bad teams, but they are starting to bounce back even if they struggle closing out weaker teams.

Westbrook can be considered one of the most emotional players in the game right now.  Emotions come with pros and cons.  As good as it is to have a player that goes and gives his all every night it can also backfired when the game counts.  Becoming frustrated can cause bad plays and maybe even a higher turnover ratio.  To his credit he is averaging double digits in assist per game, but I can’t help to also notice the 4.7 turnover per games.  Maybe just over thinking it, his only game with double digits in turnover was against the Kings.

The Rockets are more than rolling on 15 game winning streak they are rocketing (yay or nay).  When Harden, Capela and Chris Paul play they seem to have no weaknesses.  Ariza, Gordon and Joe Johnson are always ready to contribute the Rockets are a deep team and with many players that can both score and defense when called upon.

Decision/ Prediction

                Rockets Win: Rockets will continue their revenge week winnings.  While OKC will scare the nation being so close to falling out the playoff race.

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