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Kansas City Royals v New York Yankees

Judge & Didi need to get back on track vs The Texas Rangers

Welcome back to the line-up Didi Gegorius, now let’s get you back on track and swinging for the fences.  Aaron Judge is no longer the home run leader for the Yankees since Gary Sanchez 2 homer game vs the Royals, honestly it just makes things exciting.  Speaking of 2 homer games, Tyler Austin is only 2 away from getting in to the double digits after his performance in game 3.  The New York Yankees are rolling and they should look to continue vs Rangers

usa_today_10753453.0Austin, Andujar & Romine homer Vs Royals to win the Series 2-1!!

Tyler Austin got 2 out of 4 Homers in Sunday’s game vs the Royals to finish out the series 2-1.  The New York Yankees get their 30th win and get on another 2 win streak track while keeping the best record in the American league, percentage wise.  Still a tight race against the Red Sox who are the other juggernaut team in the American League

Jake+Junis+ntYcEaF7PoNmWishful thinking Sunny Days Yankees vs Royals

If you play fantasy baseball and you happen to have Stanton & Judge your team, like me, it was a rough couple of days.  Suspended and postpone was the conclusion of the Yankees-Nationals series.  Oh you Mother Nature with your fresh rain and environment loving self.  The Yankees and Nationals will play again June 18th, so both teams move on to the next opponent.  For the Nationals will be the Dodgers and for the Yankees the Royals.

BBBurn Day is Over Back to Work: Yankees Visit Nationals

Burn day is over and now back to work.  The New York Yankees are coming off playing the last 9 games at home where they only loss 2 games.  The next 8 games are all on the road starting out the Washington Nationals.  The Nationals are a good team, fighting in a tight race in the National League against 9 other teams separated by 2-3 wins and losses.  Read More.

960x0Cavaliers & Celtics Meet Again!! NBA Playoffs!!

Is official!! The NBA eastern conference finals have officially begun, the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers clash again. Game 1 is already on the books, a dominant win by the Celtics but LeBron James and the Cavaliers should not be written off.

westbrookReaction to the “Westbrook Effect”

Do you have any idea how misleading that is? First of all, Harden was traded away from Kevin Durant as well. Dion, Ibaka, Reggie Jackson went away from KD as well, let’s not ignore that. Also, OBVIOUSLY 90% of them will have better stats on their new team since their usage rate, minutes played, and role changed. Read More.

eb1b73046cbeeb432289c02b0f686ddb624a9328Toronto Raptors: Hold or Reset

The Toronto Raptors were swept by LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  The Raptors got the number 1 seed but they didn’t have the number 1 player, *Cough Cough LeBron!  The struggle is real in Toronto, not even a week and the “rumors” of firing and changes are overwhelming, but do we expect any less? “Disappointment” is the kindest word that can be use to describe their playoff performance.  Read More.

mattryan1Matt Ryan Contract Extension!! Breaking News!! Worth It??

Matt Ryan has just been extended through the 2023 football season with a whopping new 5yr/$50 million contract extension that will make him the NFL’s first $30mill/yr player. And did I mention the contract pays him $100 million in GUARANTEED money?!? While some see this as a necessity to secure your franchise quarterback, the question remains, “Is Matt Ryan worth $100 million dollars?” Read More.

untitledYankees comeback, Chapman saves, 3 makes a streak

Up by 2 coming in to 9th inning the Astros almost had it in the bag, but the Yankees had other plans in mind.  No homers, just hits and the Yankees get the 3rd win in the 4 game series against the defending champs.  Is surprising when the Yankees don’t knock it out of the park, when in theory, they could be on pace to match the season home run record.  Today, that wasn’t the case, Carlos Correa hit his 5th of the season and only home run of the season.  Read More.

giancarloGiancarlo Earns His Paycheck

Last night vs the Houston Astros, Giancarlo Stanton earned his weekly check from the Yankees.  Stanton gets his 2nd 2 homer game of the season, the first one being opening day vs Toronto.  New York is now up on the series 2-1 with 1 game left and puts the Yankees only 2 games behind the Boston Red Sox in the American League.

636603577282569363-kraken3Gary Sanchez is the Yankee teams should really be worried about

Top of the 9th Judge and Gregorius sit on bases.  Stanton strikes out (again), Sanchez vs Giles, Sanchez homers for 8th time this season.  Yankees go up 3 and between Hicks and Andujar they put the cherry on top to end the inning.  Flashback, April 27th Yankees are hosting the Twins, bottom of the 9th, Gregorious and Stanton on base, Sanchez homers to give the Yankees a 4-3 lead and that’s the game folks. Read More.


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